Sunday, May 1, 2011

START 「スタート」

With my other blog, Gaijin at Home, in full swing, people may have been wondering what my life was like before I left for Japan.
Well, there were family and friends; there was studying and music and acting.  But mostly, there were games.

I have been an unabashed gamer ever since I laid eyes on my first arcade game, Pole Position, in the hotel arcade during my first trip to Tokyo—when I was three years old.  And, yes, I remember the title of the game (I have since confirmed it with photographs).

That how my memory works: things are integrated in my mind, so that when I remember an event, I also remember what I was thinking about at the time or what else was going on in my life then.  And, for the most part, those things are games.

And so, I give you the flip-side of that quirk of memory: a blog about the games that I have played, and how they have become a part of my identity.

I suppose that this goes without saying, but the reflections on this page are not intended to be objective reviews of the games mentioned.  Quite the opposite: these entries are completely subjective, my recollections of games as they relate to my own experience.  My memories and my experiences may be quite different from yours (I hope they are!), so keep that in mind as you read.

Finally, a note:
As is also the case with Gaijin at Home, this site makes liberal use of Japanese characters.  If you cannot see the text below, you will need to adjust your browser before viewing this site.

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